Thursday, November 4, 2010

Felted Purse Step Three

I am finally happy with the direction I am going with this purse so it is time to make the pattern and cut it all out.
As you can tell so far I change things as I go. I never totally end up in the direction I started but I am almost always happy with the destination once I get there.
I have made a pattern out of a stiff art paper. I make notes on it about what needs to be cut out of it and anything else I need to know like pocket dimensions.
You can see in the photo on the top that I have cut out two purse bodies from the felt sweater and two cloth lining pieces from the pattern. I also have two pockets that are going on the lining. I may re-size one of them as I go along but I have started with four pieces of 5 by 5 and 1/2 inches for the pockets.

I have had another design change in that I am making the leaves using a needle felting process instead of cutting them from the mottled red and orange piece I had wet felted earlier.
As you can see from the photo on the bottom I just resized the leaves in my original sketch and printed them out for a pattern. I am using a wool felt slightly lighter than the base of the purse for the base color. Over this I will needle felt the fibers that I chose earlier to use on the leaves.
Then I will sew in the veins on the sewing machine when I am finished attaching the leaves to the purse front.

Now the one thing I have not decided yet is what to do about a handle. I might make it out of the sweater sleeves or use this lovely cord I have that is a good match for one of the orange fibers I am using on the leaves.

What I find to be the most fun about creating things like this purse is that I don't even know what it will end up becoming and I am making it.

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