Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Felted Purse Project Step Five

I have finished needle felting the leaves and I used machine stitching to add more color and dimension to them. Then I went back over the leaves with the felting needle to add more veins to them. The pictures on the left below are the needle felted leaves and the machine stitched leaf.

On the right I have added just an accent of beads along one edge of each leaf to give them a sparkle in the sunshine like the leaves seem to have in the fall when the sunlight streams through them.
Now comes the last part the putting the whole shebang together. I really like that step because all the figuring out is done and it is a nice soothing run to the finish.

Since hubby is going on a motorcycle ride this weekend it will be a crafting weekend for me. I should have this purse done and more.
I plan to make a wrist-let or two and maybe cut out another felt purse. I have this soft camel vest that felted up beautifully that I plan to turn into a purse this weekend.

I will post my finished projects Sunday night.

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