Sunday, October 31, 2010

Felted Purse Step Two

I spent a lovely peaceful day with my hubby David and two little dogs Cleo (12yr old Yorkie) and Tina (2 year old Chi mix). We went to Bay Area Dog Park. It was a perfect day, lots of sun but still nice and cool and comfortable.
We have one social butterfly Cleo who loves the dog park and walks around greeting everyone like she is the queen greeting her subjects. Our other dog Tina is so afraid of everything and everyone she stays close to my husband every minute. She will run a little way away from him but the minute someone comes close she runs under the picnic table he is sitting at.
They are both now sleeping soundly all tuckered out from the days adventure.
The peace and quiet gave me time to do some sketching tonight.
I have done a few sketches and decided on this one simple design with a few leaves falling through the air on a base of chocolate felt. I love the colors on this purse. It is a basic soft round shape with generous dual handles. It is going to be embellished with a few glass beads probably outlining the veins in the leaves.
This is my sketch and work sheet.From this start I will now make a pattern out of paper and start cutting out the material tomorrow.
More photos of the next steps will be coming in a few days.

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