Saturday, November 6, 2010

Felted Purse Project Step 4

I have started to add the leaves to the front of the purse. I start by putting a tiny amount of fiber between the felt leaf base and the front of the purse where I want to attach it. Then I use my needle to poke through the leaf and the fiber and stick it to the purse. This is only to keep it in place for now.
Once the leaves are in place (I check my sketch to make sure the design matches the drawing) I then put on tiny bits of the three colors of fiber I have chosen and needle it to the leaf. This is a very slow process. I add just the lightest amount at a time to get a good blending of the colors.
I use a course needle for this. I want a lot of texture and color on these leaves.
I am not worrying to much if they are attaching firmly because I plan to do either machine or hand stitching on the leaves when I am done needle felting. The first photo shows how I pin down the appliques and the second is a detail of the process of felting in the colors to the first leaf.

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