About Me

I was born in New England and moved to Texas with my hubby when we both got out of the army. I have a BA and have taken a variety of courses on as many subjects as I can.
I work when I can at what I can to support my art habits. I have 2 little dogs Cleo and Tina and a stray cat that adopted me named Tux. I have a wonderful husband named David that I adore who brought with him an incredible family of loving souls that I am so glad are in my life. I have a few friends, not many but each and every one a gem. Life could be better but what I have is sweet so I will keep it.

I have been creating things in one form or another since as far back as I can remember. I have a degree in art but I don't think that matters near as much as having a passion for creating something new and unique does. I don't fuss about if what I am making right now is "art" or "craft". In my part of the universe that matters not at all. What I am after is the sense of peace and accomplishment I get from creating something pleasing to me.
I have done pottery, printing, painting, lampwork glass, silver jewelry, quilting, felting, sewing, doll making and more and have loved and learned from each and every medium.
I have always been more about the journey that the destination. It holds you back from being the greatest or most successful at anything but oh what an interesting journey it makes your life.