Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today in the Studio

I have been very busy this morning working on several projects at once. that wicker comfy chair I bought for a paltry 2.50 at the thrift shop is sucking up paint like a funnel tornado. It wants to be abandoned on the back porch grey no matter how much almond colored paint I throw its way. Oh well paint I have tons of. I will tackle it tomorrow with another coat.
I did manage to get my large painting a little further along and finish two very dark kitty ACEO's and work on a few more I plan to list on artfire this week. I have a few collages that I am working on and one I especially like that may or may not turn out to be a fairy. I think I am still reeling from the treatment of the fairies on the True Blood episode Sunday. What the heck was that all about. I understand deviating from the story line to make the story work on a different medium but thumbing your nose at the whole story is a different matter. You might as well of written Sookie in as an alien so you could use up some props you had in the back room. What the hell!!!!

Oh well back to the real world. Above are a few of the photos of the dark black gesso book I told you about. It is finished and I have started the next one.
You can see it is much lighter at least the cover is so far. I am sticking to my page a day and it is going well. I am trying to stay within the subject matter I use for the cover but it is only working in a real loose manner so far.
The photos of the aceo's I am working on:

This is the collage that is trying my patience ....I like it one moment and know exactly where I am going with it and then the next I am looking at it like it is something I just dug out of the attic and have never seen in my life. It is a problem to be solved just like 90% of life. I will figure it out or cut out the parts I do like to put in something else.

I may be able to save it but the one thing I like the most about collage is you can find a place for just about everything you do. It may be years before that patch of painting will find a place but it does have a place.
Just like we all have a place we just have to look for it and sometimes you are already there and just don't know it. I spent years thinking the next place was going to be it. What I didn't know is the place does not matter near as much as your attitude to the place does. When I first got to Texas I loved it and then hated it and now I realize it is home, really and truly home for me. I have finally learned to carry that sense of home around with me like a backpack. The only good thing that came out of Hurricane Ike for me was the realization that the brick and wood home is not where your security should stem from. It can be washed away in a second like so much flotsam and jetsam.

On another much lighter note I am going to do an altered book workshop and a collage workshop in early September so if you live in the La Porte , Deer Park or Pasadena Area of Texas just send me a message and I will get the details to you.
I also will be started a basic beginners drawing class in the fall sometime. It is a 6 week class and like all my classes and workshops will be very affordable.

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