Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift Store Heaven

When I die I want to go to the big thrift store in the sky. I love the ones they have around here.I just scooped up two end tables, two magazine racks and an old wicker chair with a cushion for 9.79. I mean really...that was a steal. Of course they do need a little TLC but then don't we all.
I have been collecting board books to use for my art journals. My latest experiments include using black gesso to coat the pages. I like the fact that it is one coat coverage but I am not that fond of the look when you do not paint over it. Everything you collage on it just has a dark and brooding look to it. While I do have a bit of a dark side I really do not think it is me.
I am going to try to mix a medium gray for my next book and see if that works better.
I will put some photos up later of the dark sided book I just completed. I am trying for a page a day and I am going to take one on vacation with me so I do not miss a day of journaling, Yes I realize journaling is not a verb to everyone else but it is to me. Sometimes it is hard work some time it is play but whatever it is it is an action that keeps me moving in a positive direction.
Stay tuned for photos.....

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