Sunday, November 8, 2015

We had a trip to New Orleans last weekend. The weather turned out to be a lot better than we were warned it would be and in fact a lot worse at home than we expected. While we were enjoying a light drizzle in New Orleans they were having torrential rain and tornado activity here in La Porte.
I took a lot of photos for inspiration while I was there:

We found the silver guy(girl?) getting ready to perform.

And I found this building that is going to be my main inspiration to the jewelry I am working on now.
The colors and textures of this building are incredible. I was told it is the backdrop for a lot of wedding photos but I haven't found out what the name of it is yet.I love the soft washed out colors next to the peachy/orange tone of the building next to it.

I also worked on some jewelry this week and listed it on ETSY in my SilverVertexDesign shop there.

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