Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I have been playing around with using inspiration photos to design jewelry pieces around. I knew if I did this I would be making things that probably would not appeal to a large audience but it would be more me.
So this is one of the photos I took in New Orleans and I fell in love with the color and texture of it. The first design is a simple pair of earrings that I torch fired the beads in a mottled teal/green.
I hung them from chain kind of the same way the plants are dangling off the balcony.
I am working on a few more designs using that photo to bounce off of but they are more complicated.

I have also been using my enamels in a more painterly fashion even when using it in powered form.
this next photo is of a necklace I put together with an enameled focal that was meant to look like an abstract painting.

I can see a lot of promise in both the abstract and the New Orleans themes.

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