Saturday, February 14, 2015

I finished my second  house project of the year. This was a 10 dollar chair that I bought from a garage sale. It was badly repaired where it had once had arms and was perfect for me to practice on. I sanded it all down and then filled in the holes with wood putty.
I used chalk paint for both layers I put on it.
 I painted it the light teal and then used Vaseline to make a resist in a few of the areas to let the teal paint show through. This was mostly on the edges and the legs where the wear would be heaviest. Then I used  off white chalk paint over.  Then I stained it with a light walnut gel stain and buffed it so in places the stain came out dark in the recesses and light where the wear would be. I then covered the cracked faded leather seat in a cream bird print.
I was going for the rustic "hey look what I just found in the back of grandmas barn" look and I think I nailed it. Maybe a little too rustic but for 10 bucks and 3.25 in paint and fabric it will do.

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