Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chalk Painting Adventures

I have been away from this blog and crafting for too long.

For three years I have been working so many hours at my day job and because the nature of my job means I can and do get called in at all hours so I really never relaxed enough to be creative once I got home.

In the last few months I have tried to force myself to get creative by devising some Christmas projects and trying to give myself deadlines. Of course that did not work.
You cannot force yourself to create. Or at least I can't. I did not finish the projects, felt guilty and it only put more pressure on me at work and at home.

So I tried another approach. As long as I am working I do not have any pressure to create work that sells. I did that for years  loved it and I probably will go back to it some day but I do not need to make a penny off it right now.
So I am going to concentrate on taking classes and making things for myself.
I started this past weekend by attending a chalk painting class at Alter'd in Deer Park Texas.
In the class we learned about chalk painting furniture. Here is the link if you are in the area check out the store it has awesome furniture and items. Mandi was an awesome instructor.

We learned about chalk paint, stains and how to finish a piece. You leave the workshop with a link to some eBooks' so you don't even have to take notes in class.

So I am updating a few small pieces I have around the house to practice.
My first project of the weekend was painting my front door. It was my attempt to make sure every night when I get home from work I have a choice...vegetate and fret or do something creative and

Lets hope it works........

My next project was a small cupboard I bought years ago at a garage sale for 5 bucks. I wish I had taken a before photo but it looked similar to this one but it was brown not white.
And now with one coat of a pale teal, a white stencil design and an over stain with a dark brown it looks like this.
I am going to add a clear stain over the top to protect the finish or a dark wax.
Mandi our instructor told us she does not like wax but I think I might try it on this piece because it will not be in a high traffic area and I don't mind rewaxing once in a while.

I have a few more pieces of furniture I am going to refinish in the next month and I will post them here.

Did I mention that I love, love chalk paint? I cant believe I was able to cover those painted apples and the dark wood on this in one coat.


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