Sunday, September 11, 2011

There has been progress.....

So the studio is almost complete. Most of the walls are up. There is just a little bit left to do on the insulation to the ceiling and the front wall up high has to be put up. David and I worked on the rest of the wallboard today that we could reach. The front wall goes all the way up and it will be used to display painting so we will need to finish it off eventually but I am in no hurry,
I have to finish painting the lower wall this week. Then next month I plan on painting the outside of it. I have picked a bright yellow for the walls and maybe a deep purple for the door. I want it to scream color. Everything in my life could use color I think.
I finished a few jewelry pieces as you can see and I am moving ahead on two art journals.
I will post some more photos on the journals later in the week.

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