Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Studio Progress

Well the studio is up and running even though it is not complete yet. The insulation is almost complete there is just a bit of the ceiling left to finish.
Of course the electric and air have been running for a few months or I would not be able to work out there at all. It is hot in Texas..even hotter than usual this summer. I usually get out there by 7 or 8 in the morning and then work until lunch. It gets really hot about 1 in the afternoon so I do the inside work then like jewelry and photography of the stuff I need to list.
This weekend they put up 1/2 the wall boards. I got a gallon of paint at the hardware store to paint it so I can put up the shelves. I really won't be able to judge how much room I will have for what until all the shelves are up.
Right now I am making jewelry in my kitchen because I have not set up my workbench out there yet. I have been dabbling with steampunk for years but I have been collecting the parts more than creating the pieces. Now that I am going through all my supplies trying to get some kind of a system to organize it with i just can't resist stopping to make a piece or two every once in a while. I do use gears but I am trying to do less of the gear stuff and more the kind of jewelry that would go with a steam punk look. I like my stuff to have the look that would appeal to the Victorian adventurer types.
I envision a Victorian female Indiana Jones wearing my stuff. I like the reliquaryary and amulet type of pieces and that is what I am aiming toward for the fall. Lots of mixed dark metals with a touch of mystery.
So this is a sampling of what I have made and listed this week. I have made the eye bead amulets before. They are such fun and I always get comments when I wear mine. I don't know if they really scare away the stupid but they do attract the curious....LOL

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