Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Paper flowers, Collage and Time to Reflect....I'm Back..

I have missed blogging in the last few years.
The job I had was so stressful at times that it sucked all the creativity and fun out of my life. I dealt with so many people on a daily basis and yet I have never felt more alone in my life.

I have retired now and I plan on making up for that time.First thing I did was write out an actual bucket list of all the art and craft projects and techniques I want to explore.
I will post that on a later blog entry.

I had a real struggle doing a flower themed art piece for the Splendora Gardens show.
 I just don't do flowers ...but forcing myself to come up with a simple collage piece that fit the theme got me to thinking about years and years ago (the ice age) when I used to make tissue and crepe paper flowers to decorate my apartment because I could not afford the real thing.
I remembered today the last times I made them. A co worker had asked me to be her witness at the courthouse for her marriage, since she was pregnant her family would not attend ( that was how it was back then).
I surprised her with a bridal bouquet and when I handed it to her she broke down in tears....
She said she loved it but I never made anymore after seemed sadder than fake flowers could handle.

So once I had finished the collage for the show I decided to make some paper flowers.

I found the video that Jennibellie did for these on YouTube here:

Jennibellie Funky Paper Flower Tutorial

She did a clear step by step video and it is super simple to follow. I used some odd buttons I had for the center of the flowers. The paper is a mix of printed and painted card stock and paper.

As for the show, that turned out to be great and I am glad I went. It was interesting to see all the directions that were explored from the theme.

The top picture in the black frame was my entry in the show. It is a collage over a mono print on watercolor paper.

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