Friday, October 7, 2011

I finished this painting yesterday. I love this one the colors are very exciting.
This is one of the abstracts I am working on. I started with the theme of Mother nature gone wild..or maybe just ticked off. That got me thinking of other worlds where storms go on for years if not centuries. Sort of like when you feel bad because of all the bills you have got to pay but don't stop to think that at least you have the money to pay them. It could always be worse. although in the middle of Hurricane Ike you probably could not have got me to think of it that way. The painting is done on black a Gesso base with layers of paint and hand made papers for texture. It is very dark yet very vibrant at the same time...just like nature on the rampage.

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  1. I lovve all the texture and color in this piece - good job!