Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Plans

I know I have been absent from here since the holidays but this last year has been a bear. My husband lost his job (unfairly..yes I know they all say that) for about 5 months until they decided it was unfair and took him back. I have been trying to adjust to a full time job with an ever changing schedule. We also lost our darling little Cleo. She was a precious little Yorkie that had been the boss of this house for 11 years. All of which took a tremendous financial and emotional toll on our household. It has just been too rough and busy and chaotic a time to create anything but that chapter is at an end.
This was the horoscope I woke up to today…
“You are due for a big challenge very soon -- even if you don't quite feel up to facing it yet. Today, do some preparation. When you're deciding which mountain to climb next, pick an experience that can enrich you but that also intimidates you just a little. The subtle fear will motivate you more than anything else. You're ready to reach dizzying new heights. Spend today psyching yourself up!”
Even before I read it I was feeling the pressure. This week I am having a small building put up in my backyard to use as an art studio. I have been dreaming of my own art studio since I was a child and although this will not be the funky loft studio in Paris or New York that I imagined then it still will be a space that is all mine to create in. Up to now I have made do with a corner here or a garage studio that always seems to get taken over by someone else’s stuff. We have a very tiny house that should be plenty of room for two. But it is not enough room to spread out creative wings and soar. Not without bumping into a kitchen table or motorcycle along the way.
It will probably take a month or so before I can use the studio to create anything. It will have to be insulated and the floor tiled and the whole thing painted in and out. So I am taking this time I have to sort and organize all my art supplies for the big move.
I plan on documenting the whole process here on my blog. Maybe someone out there will see it and get inspired to make themselves a studio space.

The building is a 12 by 16 barn style with 13 foot high side walls. I was going to go larger but the loft storage space (72 sq. feet with the back and side loft shelving) in this model will make up for a lot less footage. This one will not take up a huge portion of my back yard either.
I plan to do my own creating and small 3-4 person workshops sometime at a later date. It will be way down the road like next year some time.
Right now I just want to enjoy that space of my own.

So today will be spent sorting out my jewelry components and beads. In honor of the new studio I am going to be doing another give away. I will post the details later this week so stay tuned.

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